Numerous applications with independent intake allow your organization to exact influence anyway you choose.

  • Multiple intake periods can run simultaneously
  • Multilingual capabilities improve the scope of applicants
  • Varied levels of administration permission for multiple users

Flexible software allows for completely custom applications.

  • Ask questions, iterate requirements and set permissions
  • Tailor flexible form layouts for each application
  • Seek applicants worldwide with global field options

Track the progress of your applicants and foster strong relationships.

  • Social media connects you with your applicants before, during and after application
  • Create and send mail to custom mailing lists
  • Maintain a database of applicant information with integration tools for third party CRM services

Measure potential and gauge the strength of your applicants.

  • Invite judges from around the world to collaborate and score specific sets or segments of applications
  • Protect applicant confidentiality with judge-specific access and permissions
  • Avoid reference checks with applicant invited references complete with identity confirmation

A sleek and intuitive user interface gives you freedom of design.

  • Create and customize designs that match and reinforce your organization’s brand
  • Interfaces are built to work on every screen on any device
  • No misunderstandings with clear form directions and progress information

Attract future minds by expanding your reach and cultivating your own potential.

  • Announce and share your application’s intake and progress with integrated social media and email tools
  • From the same system that built your forms, construct a marketing website and attract future applicants
  • Make connections with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and cross promote to reach every possible audience member