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Openfield is a flexible and intuitive solution for your online scholarship management needs. With Openfield you can create online scholarship applications in any language, customize your required fields and add a custom design. Openfield allows you to do all this while greatly improving the overall management and organization of your scholarship program.

Collect, Track and Score

Openfield has been used to collect thousands of applications over the years. With Openfield, you can track the progress of incoming applications and build relationships with your applicants through integrated communication tools. Openfield has also simplified the process of creating and managing review committees.

Grow Your Scholarship's Potential

Your scholarship program makes a difference in the world. We’ve integrated marketing and social media tools into Openfield to help you grow the reach of your scholarship program and tell your story.

Designed for Applicants

Create simple and easy to use online forms that make it enjoyable for users to fill in your scholarship applications.

Integrated Marketing

Openfield gives you a complete set of promotional tools to help you market your scholarship and find the best and the brightest.

Collaborative Scoring

Create groups of reviewers or judges and allow them to score applications through a secure online system.

Letters of Reference

Reference requests can be automatically sent and collected through Openfield.